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December-2017- ISSN:1090-3941


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Delayed and Life-Threatening Hematuria Following Percutaneous Nephrostomy Placement
Daniele Castellani, MD, Consultant Urologist



Introduction: Percutaneous nephrostomy (PN) is a common urological procedure with mild complications in most cases.
Case Description: We present a case of massive and life-threatening hematuria, presenting 29 days following PN. This is an uncommon complication of PN due to a delayed rupture of a pseudoaneurysm (PA) arising from a segmental artery. Bleeding was successfully treated by percutaneous trans-arterial super-selective embolization.
Conclusions: Hematuria, due to PA formation, should always be kept in mind in case of late hematuria following PN, as it needs to be promptly treated. Super-selective arterial embolization with metallic coils is an effective procedure to stop bleeding, and it may be a valid substitute for surgical intervention.




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